1hr 52mins
Dirs: Mark Jay and Ian McIntyre
Starring: Karl Davies and Lauren Steventon

High-octane romance set in the recognizable world of Brighton’s homegrown youth, as Boy Racer gangs uneasily coexist with the Indie scene

This little-known car racing film got more interest when released in the US as Octane (qv), but had unfortunately been badly cut by almost 30 minutes and as a result was slated by the reviews and now lies largely forgotten. To confuse matters still further, it was released straight to DVD in France as No Speed Limit. It features some scenes at the end that were filmed at London Waterloo station with Class 373 ‘Eurostar’ EMUs in the International platforms. There is also an excellent shot of a Eurostar crossing the Medway Viaduct, plus some scenes filmed onboard the train.