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1hr 33mins
Dir: Moody Shoaibi
Starring: Mark Tonderai and Alan Davies

Four London blaggers strapped for cash mistakenly kidnap the dog belonging to a drug baron

This little-known crime comedy has a number of decent railway scenes and includes a rare shot of the original 1907 Leslie Green-designed Euston station building on the Hampstead Railway, now the Charing Cross branch of the Northern Line. There was a separate station for the City and South London Railway, which opened around the same time, and now forms the City branch of the Northern Line. Both stations lasted only seven years, when access to both lines was provided directly from the mainline station, and now only the Hampstead Railway building survives on the corner of Melton Street and Drummond Street. Other scenes include a shot from an office window that overlooks Neasden station with a train of 1996-built Jubilee Line stock in Platform 3, and a scene filmed at a petrol station with the roof line of a 1990s-built tube train passing in a cutting behind. As the location of this latter scene is not known, it is impossible to ascertain as to whether it is Central, Jubilee or Northern Line stock which appears. There is also a lengthy sequence involving a football match that is filmed in Northwick Park. In the background, some trains are visible on the West Coast Main Line. These include an NSE-liveried Class 321 EMU, Virgin Trains services formed of Mk3’s, one of which is hauled by a Railfreight-liveried Class 90 electric loco, and a very rare glimpse of a Royal Mail Class 325 EMU. What may well be a Metropolitan Line train of A stock is also glimpsed. Finally, there is a brief scene filmed outside London Euston station.

Viewed through the window of the car, and located to the right of Mark Tonderai, is the rear of a London Underground train formed of 1990’s tube stock
This is nice. A rare shot of the original 1907 Leslie Green-designed Euston station building on the old Hampstead Railway. This is a view looking down Drummond Street to the corner with Melton Street beyond which lies Euston station. The building closed in 1914 and became, believe it or not, a house. Later it was an electricity sub station.
A view looking over Neasden station with a Jubilee Line train of 1996 stock standing in platform 3
Part of London Euston station forms the rather nondescript backdrop to this scene
This is Northwick Park playing fields. As John Thompson berates his football side for being 7-0 down at half time, a train can be seen in the far left hand background. This may be a Metropolitan Line train of A stock standing at Northwick Park station itself.
As the second half begins we track the progress of the players, and are treated to glimpses of trains in the background. First of all we have an NSE-liveried Class 321 EMU.
Followed by what I believe to be one of the dedicated Class 325 Royal Mail EMU’s. If so, then this is very rare indeed.
Followed by Virgin Trains-liveried Mark 3 rolling stock
And finally we save the best until last. This Virgin Trains service has a Railfreight-liveried Class 90 electric at the head. The trains are on the West Coast main line between Kenton and South Kenton stations on the Watford DC lines. The West Coast route runs adjacent to the park on a north-south axis. It is crossed by the Metropolitan and Chiltern lines, which pass the top of the park on an east-west axis.
A closer glimpse of the Class 90. Virgin Trains had there own fleet of 90’s but regularly borrowed 90’s from freight operators when they were short of their own