Image result for Doctor in Distress 1963

1hr 42mins
Dir: Ralph Thomas
Starring: Dirk Bogarde and Barbara Murray

Dr Simon Sparrow goes back to work at his old hospital and finds love

The fifth of the seven films in the Doctor comedy series includes a number of scenes that were filmed at Windsor & Eton Central station with trains of Mk1 coaches. There is also a shot of a Western Region express (1F55) cleverly worked into one scene hauled by a Class 35 ‘Hymek’ diesel-hydraulic passing through Maidenhead station at speed (although the initial approaching shot is of another Hymek working service 1A30). The train interior scenes consist of the usual studio set with back projection but in one shot, a ‘Marylebone’ station sign is visible through the window just to try and trick any unsuspecting viewer!

The original Windsor & Eton Central station in all its finery, instantly recognisable today as a high-class shopping precinct but at this time still very much a station of some size. The rear of a train is just visible on the far left.
A train of Mk.1 coaching stock stands awaiting custom. The maroon rake is broken by a solitary chocolate & cream liveried example in the form of Corridor First No.13195. The titles on the book stall – Modern Woman, Flying News, World Soccer, True Woman and Scottish Field – are like the trains, certain history!
A Western Region express (1A30) hauled by a Class 35 Hymek approaches Maidenhead station on the up main
Another Hymek-hauled Western Region express, this time with the headcode of 1F55, passes through Maidenhead station on the down main
Some attempt has gone into turning Windsor & Eton Central into Marylebone station in later scenes. The London Transport roundel is perhaps the most obvious addition, but Giddy & Giddy Auctioneers Estate Agents and Surveyors had a registered address of 4 Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.
James Robertson Justice and Dirk Bogarde sit in a first class compartment. This is in fact a set, but note the Marylebone station sign outside.