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1hr 42mins
Dir: Michael Winner
Starring: Lia Williams and Rufus Sewell

A woman decides to take revenge against men

Based on the 1991 novel of the same name by Helen Zahavi, this crime thriller was set in the coastal resort of Brighton. At the end there are some scenes filmed at Brighton station, including shots of the frontage and the platform areas. One scene shows a close up shot of Class 421 4 CIG EMU No.1709 departing. Several other slam-door express units are visible in the background and in another shot, similar units are entering an unknown tunnel. There are also a couple of brief scenes filmed inside the compartment of a CIG whilst on the move and visible through the window in one of these scenes some ARC stone hoppers are standing in an aggregates terminal. One very unusual and highly unexpected feature of this film shows Lia Williams drinking tea from a Railfreight Distribution mug in one early scene. Just how this cropped up in the movie is anybody’s guess!

Lia Williams in front of Brighton station
Inside Brighton station and Lia Williams boards a Class 421 unit. Several others can be glimpsed in the background.
Class 421 4 CIG EMU No.1709 pulling out of Brighton station’s platform 8. Two white blanks in the headcode panel denoted an ECS working, probably in this case to Lovers Walk depot.
A train formed of at least a pair of Class 421 EMU’s enters an unknown tunnel
A shot of Lia Williams inside a compartment of a 4 CIG. Added for completeness it shows the aggregates hoppers in the stone terminal through the window.
The Railfreight Distribution mug. Interestingly, this is how the tea drinking scene opens, which lends one to believe that someone in the camera department knew just exactly what it was!!