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3hrs 09mins
Dir: Aditya Chopra
Starring: Shah Rukh Khan and Farida Jalal

When a couple meet in Europe it isn’t love at first sight, but when one moves to India for an arranged marriage, love makes its presence felt

This Hindi-language, Bollywood blockbuster, the name of which translates to The Big-Hearted Will Take Away the Bride, was placed twelfth on the British Film Institute’s list of top Indian films of all time. It is also the longest running film in Indian cinema, first shown on 20th October 1995 and still showing in Mumbai today. As the film centres partly on an inter-rail holiday in Europe there are shots of Swiss and British trains, as well as later scenes filmed on Indian Railways. The British scenes were filmed at London King’s Cross with a good opening shot of no less than four Mk4 DVTs on the blocks. Other sets are seen, all in the original InterCity livery, as well as HST power cars. One of the Mk4 coaches is Open First vehicle No.11234. There is also a scene filmed at Angel Underground station on the Northern Line with a train of 1959-built tube stock arriving, followed by a shot of a train leaving formed of 1972-built stock.

This rather fine establishing shot of King’s Cross has no less than four Mk4 sets in the platforms.
Shah Rukh Khan looks for his train on the departure boards at King’s Cross. The old and much loved clapper boards are now consigned to history.
Confused at which platform to board his train Shah Rukh Khan runs along the concourse and we get a glimpse of an HST power car adjacent to a Mk4 DVT.
A nice backlit shot of a Mk4 set in platform 1 of King’s Cross with Fajol Devgan running alongside
A Mk4 set pulls out of King’s Cross as the two groups begin their inter rail holiday
After their holiday is over Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol Devgan are back at King’s Cross to say goodbye. A pair of HSTs are visible left and far right with another Mk4 set also on the right.
Kajol Devgan on the platform at Angel as a Northern Line train of 1959-built tube stock arrives on a service to Morden.
Shah Rukh Khan onboard vintage 1959-built tube stock. The year is 1995 and this would be the last full year of operation of the 1959-built trains before the introduction of the newer, fully automated, 1995-built sets.
In a continuity error the train departs Angel formed of 1972-built stock. A few of these units were drafted to the Northern to supplement the 1959 trains due to ongoing delays with the delivery of the 1995-built sets.