Image result for digby the biggest dog in the world

1hr 28mins
Dir: Joseph McGrath
Starring: Jim Dale and Angela Douglas

An Old English Sheepdog accidentally eats an experimental growth formula and grows to an enormous size

This popular family comedy has a memorable scene in which Digby lies down on a railway line in front of an approaching train, much to the driver’s consternation. However, he gets up just in time for the train to pass through his legs! The train itself is a Cravens two-car Class 105 DMU and although it is not known where this was filmed it can be noted that the DMU is running wrong-line. There are also a couple of drivers-eye views thrown into this sequence for good measure.

Digby has a lie down on the railway: a combination of a stock shot of real railway lines combined with a studio shot of the dog. And you all thought it was real right?
The train approaches running wrong line (i.e. right hand running)
Digby stands up just in time for the train to pass beneath. This is in fact the same shot of the train shown above only this time with the dog superimposed into it.
Having safely negotiated its passage, the two-car DMU continues on its journey