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1hr 36mins
Dir: Richard Spence
Starring: Rupert Graves and Steven Mackintosh

A motorcycle courier falls in love with a schoolboy friend who has undergone a sex-change

London is largely used as a backdrop to this drama and some railways are captured in the process. There are trains in the background of some scenes filmed in the Borough Market area with Class 465 ‘Networker’, Class 411 4 CEP, and Class 319/1 EMUs all visible, in addition to a shot overlooking the approaches to London Paddington, with a Class 165 ‘Turbo’ DMU and Hammersmith & City Line C stock present.

This is Metropolitan Junction near Borough Market. A Class 465 Networker heads towards the camera on the right whilst a Class 319/1 passes in the opposite direction. The viaduct in the foreground crossing the picture from left to right carries the single track Cannon Street curve.
This is the same area as the first shot but now from ground level. This is Park Street with the bridge carrying the Cannon Street curve in the immediate foreground. Between the buildings in the background can be seen the cab ends of a pair of Class 411 4 CEP EMUs passing over Metropolitan Junctions.
Overlooking Bishops Bridge on the approach to London Paddington as a Class 165 ‘Turbo’ DMU arrives into the station. A London Underground C stock train on a Hammersmith & City Line service passes behind.