Image result for Dick Barton Special Agent 1948

1hr 11mins
Dir: Alfred J Goulding
Starring: Don Stannard and George Ford

Dick Barton fights a plot to poison Britain’s water supply with cholera

This was the first of three films that Hammer Film Productions made about the popular British radio series, but it is the only one that features railways. There is a shot of a crossing keeper winding the gate wheel of a crossing keepers box that is then followed by a shot of an approaching freight hauled by an unknown ex-Southern Railway loco running tender first (the loco maybe an ex-LSWR 4-4-0 or similar). There is then a dark and grainy image of an unknown level crossing over which passes a coal train hauled by an ex-LMS Class 4F 0-6-0. Both the trains have been speed up for dramatic effect. The film was released in the US as Dick Barton, Detective.

A freight train approaches the camera with the loco running tender first though the loco is at present unidentified.