1hr 24mins
Dir: Jerome Courtland
Starring: George Sewell and Barry Jackson

During a 24-hour rally, thieves try to recover stolen diamonds hidden in the seat of a participating car

This family crime caper is quite good fun once it gets going, and features a ridiculous scene filmed at Slough station whereby the main car of the plot is driven through the station and along the platform in a bid to escape its pursuers! Meanwhile, there is an earlier and more straightforward scene filmed at a cinder race track adjacent to a railway line with a train of Mark 1 coaching stock passing in the background. Although it is not known where this was filmed, this Walt Disney production was shot at Iver Heath studios. As the majority of filming took place in the surrounding area, this could well have been at a point adjacent to the Great Western main line between West Drayton and Slough. The film had the working title of Nightmare Rally in the US, but was released as Diamonds on Wheels.

As George Sewell and Maggie Hanley watch a practice session, a train of Mark 1 coaching stock passes by in the background. This is very likely the Great Western main line in an area somewhere around the West Drayton / Iver area.
This is Railway Terrace adjacent to the up relief platform at Slough. Dusk has firmly set in as the MG TC car approaches in the distance. Stoke Road bridge crosses the railway in the background.
In this stunt, the MG TC is driven through a CCT van being loaded with parcels and onto the platform at Slough!
Swerving to avoid the painters, the car proceeds at speed down platform 5 at Slough
The car’s next obstacle is a barrow full of luggage, which is safely negotiated as well! This is platform 5 looking west with platforms 2, 3 and 4 visible to the left.