Image result for devil on Horseback 1954

1hr 28mins
Dir: Cyril Frankel
Starring: John McCallum and Googie Withers

A teenage jockey struggles to become a major rider when he finds there are more important things than success

This sporting drama opens with some shots of a colliery. The exact location is not known, but an industrial saddle tank is visible propelling some wagons in one shot. Later in the film there is a view of a freight train passing over a junction though the loco is not visible. Again, it is not known where this was filmed, but it is thought that it could be a view of Macclesfield.

Although this shot is of poor quality a steam locomotive can be seen on the left hard at work
Though somewhat difficult to make out, a freight train is moving across the bottom centre of this view. Although not confirmed, it is thought that this could be Macclesfield.