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1hr 24mins
Dir: Herbert Wilcox
Starring: Anna Neagle and Michael Wilding

Various stories surrounding race-goers as they journey to the Derby at Epsom

This enjoyable and well thought of drama includes some scenes at Tattenham Corner station of arriving race day specials made up of various Southern Railway EMU’s. 2 NOL and 4 SUB types are in evidence. There is also a run by of a pair of 2 NOL units at an unconfirmed location, thought to be Richmond. The race footage in the film is from the 1949 Derby, which was won by a horse called Nimbus. This name is familiar to all railway enthusiasts as it was one of the famous Deltic ‘racehorses’.

The first railway shot of the film shows a train disgorging its passengers at Tattenham Corner
Here, a pair of 2 NOL EMU’s pass the camera working a headcode 13, Waterloo-Woking via Chertsey service. The Type SR13 signal box in the background looks suspiciously like that at Richmond.
A train of 2 NOL stock arrives into Tattenham Corner station on a headcode 85 working, London Bridge-Tattenham Corner via Forest Hill (though it look like 15 in the shot). 4 SUB stock is in the adjoining platform.