Image result for Death Line 1972

1hr 27mins
Dir: Gary Sherman
Starring: Donald Pleasence and Clive Swift

A cannibal descended from Victorian railway workers, dwells in disused London Underground tunnels

The disused British Museum tube station was mentioned in this film, but it is not the station portrayed as being the cannibal’s home. The station in question is named ‘Museum’ and is stated as being between Holborn and British Museum in a conversation between two police inspectors. Signs in the abandoned station also state ‘Museum’ as the name and a brief history of the City & South London Line is mentioned to give this station some historical background. Location filming actually took place at Aldwych station late at night with 1959-built tube stock prominent, and the rest was a studio set. In some scenes Aldwych masquerades as ‘Russell Square’ and the entrance to this station is seen in one shot. A nice macabre touch to this horror movie is that the main cannibal character only knows three words of English, ‘Mind the Doors!’, which he picked from having heard the guards of the tube trains calling!

A night time shot of the entrance to Russell Square station on the Piccadilly Line
1959-built tube stock on a Wood Green service arrives into the platform at Aldwych station.
Although the signage reads Russell Square this is Aldwych again, as attested to by the illuminated Way Out sign that also points to the District Line. Although there was no connection below ground, Aldwych on the Piccadilly was a mere 140 yards from Temple on the District when walking above ground.