Dir: Thomas Q. Napper
Starring: Dexter Fletcher and Ewen Bremner

Two young men have found a way to predict the deaths of Londoners, but their theory is unravelled by an American tourist with tragic results

This strikingly imaginative drama is rather mysterious, even more so since it is shot in black and white. It features a number of scenes filmed at Holborn station, with 1972-built tube stock present, as well as some shots of the disused tunnels of the Aldwych branch. There is also a scene filmed at King’s Cross St Pancras with 1973-built Piccadilly Line stock, and a shot of the entrance to the main line station above.

The odd duo are seen walking down the tube tunnel on the right. The word ‘LOOP’ is written on a sign above the right hand running tunnel. Surely this is not the Kennington Loop?
The American tourist, played by Simone White, waits for a train at Holborn station on the Piccadilly Line.