Image result for Dateline Diamonds 1966 movie

1hr 13mins
Dir: Jeremy Summers
Starring: William Lucas and Patsy Rowlands

An ex-con manages a top band in the UK, but is forced to re-enter the crime scene

This musical drama was part of the ‘pop and cop’ genre of film popular in the UK during the early 1960s and featured the Small Faces and The Chantelles, amongst others. The opening scenes are filmed in Harwich Docks, and there is an extremely rare glimpse of a Hunslet-built Class 05 0-6-0DM shunter propelling a freight train across a level crossing. Wagons are visible in the background to a number of scenes in this sequence, with some close-up shots of five-plank opens and four-wheel vans. Later, there is a shot of the concourse of London Waterloo station though no trains are visible here.

In this busy dockside scene at Harwich, a freight train is propelled (i.e. pushed from right to left) across the road by a Hunslet Class 05 diesel shunter, a very rare loco indeed
An overall view of the docks. It could be a trick on the eye but that appears to be a DMU stabled in the middle distance
Is this a DMU? I am open to offers as to an explanation either way.
As a BR porter bumps across a level crossing on a mechanised trolley, a rake of four-wheel vans forms an appropriate backdrop
Passengers enter the docks and walk over a level crossing as more four-wheel vans stand adjacent to the shed beyond. What is perhaps of more interest is the funnel of the BR ferry peering over the roof!
As David Kirk carefully watches proceedings, yet more box vans stand behind
A member of the ‘press’ looks on from the shadows of some five-plank open wagons
The concourse at London Waterloo looking relatively quiet, and decidedly clean