1hr 28mins
Dir: Peter Mackie Burns
Starring: Emily Beecham and Geraldine James

A carefree single woman in London struggles with her life after she witnesses a brutal stabbing

This hugely accomplished drama is a powerful piece. Beecham, who’s never off-screen throughout, delivers a performance of raw potency, and one which anyone of us can adhere to. It features a good selection of night scenes in southeast London with what appear to be Class 375/376 ‘Electrostars’ passing above the streets, but the exact location of these shots is not yet known. There is also a brief scene filmed outside the entrance to an unknown Overground station.

Night shot one. This is the only train readily identifiable. Just visible on the side of the carriage is the number 67867, which thus belongs to Class 375 ‘Electrostar’ EMU No.375617.
Night shot two. Another ‘Electrostar’ EMU passes through the cityscape.
Night shot three. A train of ‘Electrostar’ stock threads its way through the buildings
Night shot four. What is probably another ‘Electrostar’ passes over a road where buses and cars jostle with each other
Emily Beecham and Nathaniel Martello-White talk outside an as yet unidentified station on the London Overground network