1hr 12mins
Dir: Vernon Sewell
Starring: William Lundigan and Naomi Chance

A yacht in the English channel is helped to port – when the police arrive there are no crew, no papers and no clues

This mystery crime movie was released in the US as Terror Ship and features a scene right at the very end that was filmed at Merton Park station. A headcode 2 (West Croydon – Wimbledon) service arrives formed of vintage 2 WIM electric unit No.1812 in its final months of operation.

Naomi Chance on Merton Park platform with a 2 WIM EMU arriving behind her.
Passengers board the train. Note the newspaper stall and neatly tended flower beds.
As the credits roll the train departs, revealing the unit’s identity to be No.1812. The 2 WIM’s were rebuilds of former LB&SCR ‘AC’ electric stock and to get a glimpse of one here is very fortunate indeed. The film was released in April 1954 and No.1812 was withdrawn in the August.