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1hr 40mins
Dir: Oliver Parker
Starring: Toby Jones and Sarah Lancashire

The Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard deal with a visiting female journalist and a German spy as World War II draws to its conclusion

This comedy was the second film to be based on the hugely popular BBC television sitcom of the same name, the first being the 1971 movie with the original cast. Whereas that film was a wonderful addition to the ongoing series, this modern remake is, quite frankly, a poor spectacle. Although well-meaning it was a pointlessly elaborate movie that veered too far from the original sitcom and failed to pay homage to the TV show. The railway scenes used the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, though the opening shot of a train passing through the countryside is largely obscured by trees making the exact identity of the locomotive unclear. This is then followed by a scene filmed onboard an LNER teak carriage and a later scene filmed at Pickering station, with LNER teak vehicles in the platform.

England 1944, presumably the North Yorkshire Moors Railway 2016
Toby Jones and Tom Courtenay at a smoky Pickering station with LNER teak carriages in platform 2
The brief railway scene at Pickering did at least feature this rather atmospheric shot, though the fixed bayonet isn’t exactly subtle!!