Image result for Crooks in Cloisters 1964 movie

1hr 38mins
Dir: Jeremy Summers
Starring: Ronald Fraser and Bernard Cribbens

Fleeing robbers hide out in an abandoned monastery by posing as monks

This crime comedy begins with a gang staging a train robbery, later described as ‘the smallest ever’! There are a couple of passing shots of Class 45-hauled expresses on the Midland Main Line leaving Elstree Tunnels, whilst the ‘robbery’ was filmed in Brent Sidings, Cricklewood, using class 46 No. D140. A number of shots were apparently filmed at Elstree Tunnels for use in the completed production and then never used, and these appear in the Video 125 DVD Diesel & Electric on 35mm Volume 1 & 2.

A Class 45-hauled express near Elstree tunnels on the Midland Main Line
As dusk begins to fall, another 45 passes the camera
Barbara Windsor climbs into the cab of Class 46 D140
Barbara Windsor in the cab of D140. We are led to believe that she drives the loco away during the robbery!! It is a comedy after all!!
Vintage police cars stand in front of equally vintage LMS BG van’s. This scene was filmed somewhere in Brent Yards, or possibly Scratchwood Sidings, Mill Hill.