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1hr 25mins
Dir: Christopher Smith
Starring: Franka Potente and Vas Blackwood

Travellers on the London Underground are killed by an unseen monster

This horror film set on the London Underground is reminiscent in some ways to the 1972 movie Death Line (qv). Most of the station work was carried out on the disused Jubilee line platforms at Charing Cross and on the Aldwych branch, using both 1972 and 1996-built tube stock. The realistic signal cabin seen in one horrific sequence towards the end was in fact a mock-up built at Aldwych, dressed up on this occasion as ‘Down Street’. At the time of the film’s release, The Times quoted the closed Down Street station on the Piccadilly Line as being used, but no filming was undertaken there for it is inaccessible to anyone other than contracted staff. The trains really play a minor role and the majority of the film used the station areas and associated tunnels. The concourse and cross passages at Charing Cross, and the running tunnels, lift shafts and stairs at Aldwych. Incidentally, the movie poster features the front end of a tube train with opaque centre window with an image of a blood stained hand on it. This poster was apparently banned from display on the Underground network by LUL management who feared it would unsettle would be travelers! Also, director Christopher Smith received a minor electric shock during the filming of one sequence when he stood on a conductor rail that still had some residual power. Although not directly connected to railways, the scene with Franka Potente running passed endless rows of cardboard boxes used an underground document storage facility, said to be the deep level air raid shelter at Belsize Park station.

Franka Potente all alone at Charing Cross. Her troubles are about to begin.
Thinking she has missed the last train one does arrive, but it is empty. She is, however, far from alone. This is 1996 Jubilee Line stock (vehicles 96101, 96107 and 96307 all feature).
Leaving the train via the cab and running for her life, Franka’s train has turned into 1972 Mk.1 stock. This is set 3229 kept on the Aldwych branch for filming.
Some sequences later returned to the train at Aldwych. The interior of the 1972-built train is in stark contrast to the bright, modern interior of the 1996 stock.
Paul Rattray follows a trail of blood into a tunnel. This is the disused platform at Aldwych.
This is the so-called ‘Down Street’ station. In reality, this is Platform 2 at Aldwych station, unused by trains since as long ago as 1917.
Just out of interest, this is the mock-up Down Street station sign that apparently caused some people no end of confusion.
There is no denying that this is a deep level shelter used for document storage. Belsize Park has been suggested.