1hr 36mins
Dir: Freddie Francis
Starring: Jack Palance and Diana Dors

A black magic worshipper is compelled to sacrifice women to the statue of an African god

In this horror film, Jack Palance parks his car outside Taplow station and then boards a train formed of a pair of Class 123 Swindon-built InterCity DMUs. This is believed to be the only time that this class has appeared on screen and they are, in fact, fairly rare even in books. There is also a run-by of an express hauled by a Class 52 ‘Western’ diesel-hydraulic that was also filmed at Taplow, and a shot of a Class 121 single car DMU at Windsor & Eton Central station, possibly with a trailer behind.

The very rare shot of a pair of Class 123 DMU’s leaving Taplow station one sunny day in 1974. DMBS vehicle No.52090 is in the centre of the shot.
A Class 121 DMU stands at Platform 7 of Windsor & Eton Central station. Although it is some years before the station was reduced in size to just a single platform the scaffolding on the left suggests that all is not well with the station canopy. Also, the DMU appears to have a trailer behind.
This is Taplow again, and the approaching Class 52 is working service 1C67. Note the Class 117 DMU between the loco and the signal box and the severed pointwork in the foreground that once served the goods yard.
Jack Palance back at Taplow again