Image result for Counterblast 1948 movie

1hr 39mins
Dir: Paul Stein
Starring: Mervyn Johns and Robert Beatty

A Nazi scientist poses as a murdered professor to carry out germ warfare tests

There is a memorable scene in this thriller whereby Mervyn Johns travels on the London Underground with the intention of releasing deadly germs. He baulks at the idea after seeing a passenger turn into a skeleton. This scene, however, is thought to have only used studio sets though the earlier scene at a country station could be real. Two shots of trains do definitely appear in the form a grainy shot of a passing express hauled by a GWR ‘King’ Class 4-6-0, and a very murky shot of a train arriving at London Paddington, though it is impossible to identify the loco at the front.

This grainy shot depicts a GWR ‘King’ at the head of an express
And this murky shot shows a train arriving at Paddington and that’s about it
Mervyn Johns alights at a station. The footbridge behind and the signal box beyond seem to complete to be a set, but a set it maybe.