1hr 34mins
Dir: Stephen Whittaker
Starring: Jane Asher and Tim Woodward

A couple’s relationship is blown apart by the wife’s discovery of her husband’s bisexuality, which is then compounded by the threat of AIDS

This ultra-sensitive drama was the centrepiece of Channel 4’s contribution to the 1993 World Aids Day. It features a number of particularly fine run-bys of HST sets along with scenes filmed onboard. It is not known where the run-bys were filmed, except for the opening shot which features a distant HST passing through the landscape. This was filmed from the flooded clay pits at Kempston, south of Bedford on the Midland main line, suggesting that the others were filmed in and around that area of the Midland too. The leading power car in one of the later scenes is identifiable as No.43064 City of York, another maybe 43055.

A distant HST set streaks across the landscape at Kempston, south of Bedford
I think the number of this HST power car is 43055, a Midland Region power car that was unnamed here, at the time of filming, but was named Sheffield Star at the end of 1993
A lovely shot of an HST set passing through the countryside
This power car is definately 43064 City of York
Its partner on the rear, however, is but a mere blur