1hr 40mins
Dir: Vadim Jean
Starring: Ian Hart and Catherine Russell

A special needs teacher manages a bond with a troublesome pupil through the art of running

This touching drama has a spectacular climax whereby the problem child undertakes a roof walk on a train whilst it is in motion. This stunt was filmed on the Mid-Hants Railway and obviously used a stuntman, but much of the railway is seen. Ropley and Alresford stations are identifiable along with various items of the lines motive power department. BR Class 5MT 4-6-0 No.73096 (carrying the identity of 73080 Merlin) was used for the train loco, and BR Class 4MT 2-6-0 No.76017 was at the head of a passing train. On the approach to Ropley, N Class 2-6-0 No.31874 (painted as James the Red Engine) and Class 27 D5353 are visible, whilst Class 08 D3358 is stabled at Alresford. An interesting footnote is that the main character has an interest in railways and his school locker is adorned with pictures of locomotives: a ‘Royal Scot’, a Bullied pacific, ‘Black Fives’, a ‘Western’ Class 52, a Class 20 and the Railway Technical Centre Class 46 No.97403 Ixion are all recognisable in this montage, as well as copies of Railway Modeller!

The train gets ready to depart Ropley station.
73080, really 73096, pulls out of Ropley station.
The train passes over a narrow country lane.
With the roof walk in progress the train passes through the countryside
This slight continuity error shows the train now on the approach to Ropley again. No.5 James the Red Engine is quite visible and the white framed windows immediately to the right of the stuntman beneath the bridge belong to Class 27 D5353.
This is Alresford station and Class 08 D3358 is stabled in the dock on the right.
The stunt sequence finishes with a pole vault across to the opposite platform right in front of the approaching train. The locomotive is BR 4MT 2-6-0 No.76017 but the scene ends in tragedy.