1hr 36mins
Dir: Christopher Morahan
Starring: John Cleese and Alison Steadman

A headmaster on his way to a conference is delayed by a series of circumstances

This comedy features a classic scene at Hull Paragon station, with the ‘Norwich’ and ‘Plymouth’ trains formed of BR Mk.1 coaching stock though we do not see the locomotives. There are quite a number of DMU’s present, however, most of which are probably Class 108s, though a Class 101 is just visible in the far background of one scene. Later, just as John Cleese runs out of the station car park in a failed attempt to catch up with his wife, the front end of a Class 31 just comes into shot.

John Cleese walks into Hull Paragon station
Now looking in the opposite direction, the entrance to the former station hotel is visible behind him. Hull Paragon has rarely appeared on film, this is its only known appearance, but at least we see plenty of it.
John Bardon and John Cleese at the ticket barrier to platforms 3 and 4 at Hull, with Mk.1 coaching stock both left and right
A more expansive view of the concourse and ticket gates
John Cleese settles down into his First Class seat……on the wrong train
A good shot of the platforms at Hull as the comedy scene is played out
The ‘Plymouth’ train departs Hull with John Cleese’s speech onboard. A DMU is creeping into shot on the right and what looks to be a Class 101 DMU is in the left hand distance.
Having missed his train, an exasperated John Cleese tries to argue with the ticket collector, played by John Bardon. A 2-car DMU is standing behind him.
Leaving the platform in a vain attempt to catch up with his wife, the cab of the DMU comes into view. It is probably a Class 108, but it may be a Class 114.
John Cleese in the car park at Hull Paragon
As he makes his way outside, the cab of a Class 31 creeps unexpectedly into shot on the left