1hr 05mins
Dir: Michael Winner
Starring: Jack Jackson and Russ Conway

A musical and variety show introduced by Jack Jackson

This early Michael Winner film is not so much a movie at all, more a collage of light and not so time relevant musical comedy interludes and sketches. It is all a bit obscure really, and looks terribly dated by modern standards. Among all the time weary cameo performances from such people as Russ Conway, Glen Mason, Mike Preston and Craig Douglas is a brief sequence filmed at Brighton station with 6 PUL EMU No.3006 in the platform.

Pullman car ROSE forms the backdrop to this scene
Whilst TTK No.10011 forms the background to this shot. Both it, and Pullman Car Rose belonged to 6 PUL EMU set No.3006.
The travelling party walks across the concourse at Brighton station