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1hr 30mins
Dir: Gerald Thomas
Starring: Sidney James and Liz Fraser

A group of unemployables form an odd-job agency

The fifth in the series of Carry On films, Carry On Regardless, is the best of the thirty one for railway scenes. There is an amusing parody of the Forth Bridge scene from The 39 Steps (qv) which features Kenneth Connor leaping from the train into a giant puddle! Most of this of course is a studio recreation, but the scene does use stock footage from the 1959 lesser remake of John Buchan’s classic starring Kenneth More, released in colour two years before this Carry On film came out. Therefore, the shots used in this film appear in black and white. These include a couple of views of A4 Class 4-6-2 No.60012 Commonwealth of Australia on the Forth Bridge and the passing shot of A3 Class 4-6-2 No.60162 Saint Johnstoun in which Kenneth Connor clings to the side of the moving train. The final shot from The 39 Steps is that of A4 pacific No.60024¬†Kingfisher¬†sweeping round the bend just south of Penmanshiel Tunnel which also appeared in Raising the Wind (1961). Shots of Kenneth Connor on board the studio bound carriage set are complemented by a couple of random shots of trains and track, but no further locomotives are seen. There is in addition to this, a later scene filmed at ‘Paddington’ station with Kenneth Williams awaiting the arrival of a train. This is in reality Windsor & Eton Central, and a green Class 117 DMU is arriving in the platform.

A4 Class 4-6-2 No.60024 Kingfisher sweeping round the bend just south of Penmanshiel Tunnel.
This rather interesting view shows not only wheels and motion, but the line ahead as well.
An edited shot of a passing express
Spot the mistake. This shot of A4 No.60012 Commonwealth of Australia on the Forth Bridge is taken from The 39 Steps (1959). However, it not only appears in colour in that film, but the right way round also!! Here it is in reverse, as evidenced by the right hand running.
For Kenneth More read Kenneth Connor. In a near exact recreation of the scene from the 1959 version of The 39 Steps, Kenneth Connor clings on for dear life as A3 Class 4-6-2 No.60162 Saint Johnstoun sweeps past.
No.60012 Commonwealth of Australia heads away from the camera as it takes its train across the Forth Bridge
A lovely shot of the Forth Bridge from track level. Note the distant train.
Kenneth Connor in the puddle of water. There is no ballast on the Forth Bridge, so this is clearly a studio set.
This is the first railway scene in the film. As Kenneth Williams hails a taxi cab on Goswell Road in Windsor, the roof of Windsor & Eton Central station can be seen upper left.
A green Class 117 DMU arrives at a now much redeveloped Windsor & Eton Central station. Note the Paddington destination blind in the centre window.
Kenneth Williams getting into trouble on the concourse at Windsor & Eton Central