Image result for Carlton Browne of the FO 1959 movie

1hr 26mins
Dirs: Jeffrey Dell and Roy Boulting
Starring: Terry-Thomas and Peter Sellers

An inept Foreign Office diplomat is sent to re-establish good relations with a forgotten mineral-rich former British colony

The film features a comedy scene whereby a character is painting a white boundary line down the middle of a railway track and continues on into a tunnel. A train then emerges with a white stripe down the front of the locomotive smoke box! The loco is an ex-LBSCR Class AIX ‘Terrier’ 0-6-0 tank, disguised with a cow-catcher and other fittings to vaguely represent a loco in the South Seas. The location is the west end of Midhurst Tunnel (276 yards) on the Petersfield-Pulborough line in Mid-Sussex. The route used for filming had already closed to passengers in 1955 but it remained open for freight until 1964.

This is the approach to Midhurst Tunnel
The Terrier tank loco emerges moments later with a white vertical stripe on its front end. The cowcatcher and funnel extension look quite exotic.