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1hr 27mins
Dir: Mike Leigh
Starring: Katrin Cartlidge and Lynda Steadman

Two former student flatmates meet again ten years later and see how their lives have evolved

This brilliant drama features two scenes at London King’s Cross. The first shows an HST arriving with power car 43116 City of Kingston upon Hull leading and an NSE-liveried Class 317 EMU is in an adjacent platform. The second shot shows a departing Mk4 rake (one coach of which is No.12418) with DVT on the rear.

London King’s Cross at the start of the film and Lynda Steadman arrives on an HST. Power car 43116 is nearest the camera with Mk4 stock to the right and a Class 317 EMU on the left.
London King’s Cross at the end of the film and an InterCity 225 takes Lynda Steadman away. The DVT is on the rear as standard, another Mk4 set is to the right, and an HST is on the left.