1hr 32mins
Dir: Maclean Rogers
Starring: John Bentley and Dinah Sheridan

Paul Temple tracks down the killer of the wealthy female patients of a nerve specialist

This crime drama was the second of four Paul Temple films made at Nettlefold Studios, and was an abridged remake of the radio serial Send for Paul Temple Again. It was also the longest of the four at 92 minutes. The film starts with a woman being found dead on a train, yet all we see of the journey is an extremely dark over-the-camera shot of an express, and studio-bound carriage interiors.

For the benefit of the reader I have sent this picture through a filter to lighten it somewhat. The smokebox of a locomotive can be made out against the night sky as it approaches the camera. I think that is a telegraph pole towards the bottom right whilst the clearly defined black area to the left could be a station platform, all mere speculation on my part of course. This is the very opening shot of the film, and it runs for about two seconds. Nothing else railway related features.