Image result for Cage of Gold 1950

1hr 23mins
Dir: Basil Dearden
Starring: Jean Simmons and David Farrar

A young bride is widowed and then marries another man only to be blackmailed by her first husband who isn’t dead

This drama features two shots of expresses hauled by ex-LMS ‘Royal Scots’. One is hauled by a rebuilt example and the other is of 46100 Royal Scot itself, seen on Bushey troughs carrying ‘THE ROYAL SCOT’ cast headboard. Both shots are from the stock footage archives with the latter appearing in a good number of films over the years. There is also an opening scene that was thought to have been filmed at Piccadilly Circus on the London Underground featuring 1923 ‘standard stock’.

Jean Simmons in what is thought to be the ticket hall at Piccadilly Circus
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This might be Piccadilly Circus with an approaching train of 1923 ‘Standard’ stock but there is no mistaking Jean Simmons
The often used shot of Royal Scot on Bushey troughs. Note the proliferation of wooden planking in the foreground. This image went on to appear in Escapade (1955), Left, Right and Centre (1959), Beat Girl (1960) and Hide and Seek (1964).
This darkened night shot shows another ‘Royal Scot’ on an express