Image result for Burnt Evidence 1954 movie

1hr 01min
Dir: Daniel Birt
Starring: Jane Hylton and Duncan Lamont

A man finds out about his wife’s lover and police try to identify whether an unidentified body found in a fire is the husband or her lover

Adapted from a story called Burn the Evidence by Percy Hoskins, this short mystery crime drama has a number of brief railway shots during a montage sequence of police making enquiries. In one shot, a police car pulls up outside terraced housing and a train is crossing the railway bridge behind. This was filmed in Hardinge Street E1, with the train formed of former LMS (MR) suburban carriages running between Shadwell and Limehouse on the route out of Fenchurch Street. This is followed by a brief glimpse of officers keeping watch outside a mainline railway station, in this case London Victoria. The montage sequence first appeared in Escape Route (qv), released at the end of 1952, and both shots appear in that movie. Crucially, the shot of the train crossing Hardinge Street appears in its entirety, revealing the loco to be an ex-LMS Stanier Class 4MT 3-cylinder 2-6-4T.

The only train in the film can be seen crossing the bridge at the top of this shot. This is Hardinge Street, London E1. For a better shot, see Escape Route (1952).
This is the entrance to London Victoria