Image result for Bullet Boy 2004

1hr 29mins
Dir: Saul Dibb
Starring: Leon Black and Ashley Walters

Life in the black community of East London with the constant threat of gang-related gun crime

This crime drama features a shooting scene at Cambridge Heath station in East London, with a Class 315 and a couple of Class 317 EMUs passing through. Earlier in the film there is a street scene and another Class 317 can be glimpsed passing through a station on the viaduct arches at the end of the road.

An NSE-liveried Class 317 EMU is passing over the arches at the end of the street. Look closely and there is a station name board right in front of the Class 317’s cab, but which station is this exactly?
Platform 2 at Cambridge Heath station (This is Platform 2 but the name board itself has been disguised to protect its identity. It should of course display ‘Cambridge Heath’).
Ashley Walters’ body lies on the platform of Cambridge Heath station as a Class 317 EMU passes through in the original WAGN livery. Two further tracks lie on the other side of the wall to the left but they are not served by platforms.