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1hr 45mins
Dir: Noel Clarke
Starring: Noel Clarke and Olivia Chenery

Time has moved on, but old grudges still simmer, as a young man tries to keep his family safe from the gang world he grew up in

This was the sequel to Adulthood (qv), and was the third and final instalment of the Hood trilogy, which had begun with Kidulthood (qv). It again features scenes that were filmed in the areas around Ladbroke Grove, with the new London Underground S type stock working Hammersmith & City Line services (the first time that these trains appear on film?). There are shots of these sets passing through the landscape, as well as scenes filmed onboard. The frontages to Ladbroke Grove, Shepherds Bush (Central Line) and Westbourne Park Underground stations are also seen, along with some rather distant views of Ladbroke Grove station, as viewed from the adjacent tower blocks. There are some additional shots of S stock trains, and some scenes filmed outside Ladbroke Grove station, on The Making of featurette found as part of the DVD extras.

An S stock train passes through the West London landscape on the approach to Latimer Road station, which is just visible on the right
A shot of the interior of one of the new and spacious S stock trains, introduced from 2010. The ‘S’ designation stands for Suburban.
This is the entrance to Ladbroke Grove station on the Hammersmith & City Line
Whilst this is the redeveloped entrance to Shepherd’s Bush on the Central Line
In this view of Noel Clarke looking out from Dixon House, the A40 Westway winds its way through the centre of the frame. The white roofs of Ladbroke Grove station can be seen adjacent to the road in the centre distance just on the straight of the S bend.
Noel Clarke outside Westbourne Park Underground station
An S stock train approaches Latimer Road at night, in a shot that is near identical to the first
This additional view of the landscape as viewed from Dixon House can be found on The Making of featurette
A further night shot from The Making of featurette shows an S stock train passing above the streets