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1hr 26mins
Dir: Barney Platts-Mills
Starring: Del Walker and Anne Gooding

A young lad takes part in a robbery with a friend straight out of borstal, and then runs away with his girlfriend for a taste of freedom

This drama is a fascinating record of suedehead subculture which is largely improvised by a non-professional cast of teenagers from east London. The film was shot in and around Stratford and the gang of youths rob a freight train of its goods in a night time raid. This was filmed either in Temple Mills Yard, or another in the Stratford area, and there are good shots of 12T Palvans B755530, B763215 and B772257, along with 12T Vanfit E284912. Although no locomotives are seen, plenty of horns can be heard throughout, and a Class 20 can be heard whistling away nearby!

The young lads begin to pilfer goods from the goods van
Crouching beneath the wagons, one of the gang evades capture from the passing police