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1hr 32mins
Dir: Roy Boulting
Starring: Richard Attenborough and Carol Marsh

A teenage leader of a gang marries a girl as an alibi for murder, but it proves to be his downfall

This film noir was adapted from the 1938 novel of the same name by Graham Greene and features a shot of the frontage to Brighton station, though the opening scene on a station platform is a set. Later in the movie there is a shot of a freight train slowly passing over a residential street at night in the hands of a large tender engine and towards the end, a small tank locomotive can be seen through an office window shunting about, though it is partly obscured by a wall. It is not known where either of these shots were filmed, or indeed, if the trains themselves were real or a recorded backdrop added to the scene. An additional drivers eye view of an arrival into Brighton was recorded for this film only to be left out. The whole scene, which includes 4 LAV unit No.2940 on headcode 12 (Victoria-Brighton (semi fast) via Redhill), can be found on the Video 125 DVD Diesels & Electrics on 35mm Vol 1 & 2.

Brighton station frontage, not seen in too many films.