2hrs 13mins
Dir: Julian Jarrold
Starring: Matthew Goode and Hayley Atwell

A poignant story of forbidden love and the loss of innocence set in England prior to the Second World War

This drama is based on the 1945 novel of the same name by Evelyn Waugh, which had previously been adapted in 1981 as an eleven-episode television serial. It features some really good shots filmed on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway at Oakworth station, with Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Barton Wright Class 25 0-6-0 No.957 on four vintage coaches.

The railway scenes open with this lovely portrayal of a vintage train on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. The train loco is Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Class 25 0-6-0 No.957.
This is Oakworth station and the locomotive has been captured in close detail as it arrives
The train draws to a stand with each vintage coach at a different angle! According to the Vintage Carriages Trust (VCT) website the three coaches used were Metropolitan Railway Third No.465, Metropolitan Railway First No.509, Great Northern Railway Brake Composite No.2856, and North Eastern Railway Clerestory Saloon No.1661 (the last not being in VCT ownership).
Another view of the train at Oakworth, and a scene that is packed with so much detail
Matthew Goode is framed through the booking office door
Scenes filmed outside the stations on the Keighley & Worth have proved surprisingly rare indeed, but Brideshead made amends by filming this sequence on the station forecourt. The train departs in the background of this lovely shot, complemented by some period vehicles.