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1hr 44mins
Dir: Brian Gibson
Starring: Hazel O’Connor and Phil Daniels

The rise and fall of a pop singer

This musical drama features a couple of rather odd scenes filmed onboard London Underground 1938-built tube stock on the Piccadilly Line. This sequence on the Underground includes a panning view from the outside of Hazel O’Connor walking through the train, and another of her in the cab of train 065 going to Cockfosters. This latter view progresses into the distance, suggesting that it was filmed from the rear of a preceding train. It would be interesting to now just how these scenes were filmed. Later, there is a sequence filmed on a train at an unknown Western Region station. No locomotive is visible, but the train is made up of blue & grey liveried Mk2 coaching stock, two vehicles of which are Mk2D Open Standard No.5679 and Mk2E Open First No.3250. There are also scenes filmed onboard the train, which now also contains a kitchen car and Mk3A sleeping vehicles. This train journey includes two lineside scenes at dusk, one is a going-away shot of Mk2 coaches with no locomotive visible, but the other shows a Class 87 electric locomotive at the head. There is also a night-time shot of an unknown train crossing a bridge in London and an establishing shot panning over West London as the radio plays the latest Breaking Glass single. Looking along Tavistock Road towards Portobello Road, the shot ends with Ladbroke Grove Underground station just creeping into view in the far distance.

The opening scene of the film and Hazel O’Connor and fellow passengers sit in the dingy interior of 1938-built tube stock.
The band begin their ascent of a wide staircase. This shot has been included because it implies that they are running down to a platform in order to catch a sleeper train. Could this be a station, and if so, which one?
Having reached the platform the train awaits formed of BR Mk.2 coaching stock. The station is probably on the Western region of British Rail as the carriage numbers are prefixed with a ‘W’.
The train begins to pull out of the station, but which station I have no idea.
The interior of a BR Mk2 buffet coach. Were they really that bad! Someone in the BR hierarchy really liked orange didn’t they?
The only locomotive to appear amongst all this uncertainty is a Class 87