1hr 56mins
Dir: Anthony Minghella
Starring: Jude Law and Juliette Binoche

A successful architect becomes involved with a thief, only to be attracted to his mother

The main building project in this crime drama is cleverly interwoven with the actual construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link at St Pancras, with the production company making extensive use of the construction site of High Speed 1 and the redevelopment of the station in certain scenes. Class 373 ‘Eurostar’ sets can be espied in the background of several of these shots and King’s Cross station also appears in some scenes, with GNER Mk4 sets present. In addition, there is a good shot of a Thameslink Class 319 EMU crossing a large girder bridge and a brief glimpse of Class 455 EMUs on Hungerford Bridge.

This is St Pancras, in the process of being redeveloped for the arrival of Eurostar services. The station building on Euston Road is visible top right, with King’s Cross in the middle distance directly beneath the twin tower block.
This rather artistic shot is taken inside St Pancras station with its grand trainshed roof beautifully backlit
And looking in the opposite direction this is the ‘back’ of the station
This is neighbouring King’s Cross with a GNER Mk4 set just visible. St Pancras is just out of shot to the right
A Thameslink Class 319 EMU passes above the rooftops on a large girder bridge which somebody must be able to recognise.