Image result for Brandy for the Parson 1952

1hr 19mins
Dir: John Eldridge
Starring: Kenneth More and Jean Lodge

A couple on a boating holiday in the west country find themselves smuggling brandy into Britain

The opening scenes of this decent comedy were shot at London Paddington station, though no trains are visible. These scenes are followed by a rare shot of the frontage and approach road to Maiden Newton station in Dorset, and we remain in the county for the only shot of a train in the film. Quite a while later in the movie, an unrebuilt Bulleid ‘Battle of Britain’ Class 4-6-2 on an express passes over Woodsford No.38 level crossing, between Moreton and Dorchester South stations.

This is the former taxi rank on Eastbourne Terrace at Paddington, now long since obliterated beneath the Crossrail scheme
Crowds mingle at the end of platform 1 at Paddington
James Donald and Jean Lodge at Paddington station, No.2 platform in the background
Jean Lodge and James Donald leave Maiden Newton station in the pouring rain. Jean Lodge looks particularly uncomfortable at the prospect. Bless her!
A van is brought to a halt at Woodsford No38 level crossing, between Moreton and Dorchester South stations in deepest Dorset.
In this quick fire shot, an express is very briefly glimpsed approaching in the background, hauled by an unrebuilt Bulleid Pacific
As the express passes over the crossing the freeze frame reveals it to be a ‘Battle of Britain’, as identified by its oval RAF crest.