1hr 43mins
Dir: Agustí Villaronga
Starring: Ed Skrein and Hermione Corfield

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, a 14-year old Saudi prince is sent on a diplomatic mission to London

This historical coming-of-age drama has some scenes filmed on the Bluebell Railway, with Horsted Keynes station putting in an appearance along with a train hauled by SECR H Class 0-4-4T No.263. The arrival scenes filmed in ‘London’, however, are a lot less clear. These either used the Bluebell again with some substantial CGI graphics or, what is more likely, the Bluebell Railway carriages were borrowed by the production company and filming took place on a very convincing set.

Hordes of passengers flock towards Horsted Keynes station on the Bluebell Railway
A general shot of platform proceedings at Horsted Keynes
The young prince and his entourage watch the arrival of H Class 0-4-4T No.263
Ed Skrein and a couple of journalists make their way onto the platform from the subway. In the meantime, passengers can be seen boarding the train in the background.
No.263 takes its short train towards ‘London’. Note that the second coach in the formation is a Pullman car.
The arrival scene in ‘London’. Although this looks to be a real station it was probably a very convincing set as the buildings and roof do not quite match up to any London terminus. Can anyone confirm for sure?