Image result for bond of fear 1956 film

1hr 06mins
Dir: Henry Cass
Starring: Dermot Walsh and Jane Barrett

A caravan holiday turns into a nightmare for a family when an escaped killer accompanies them

This well-made cat-and-mouse thriller contains a number of railway scenes, though the first has a rather glaring continuity error. Dermot Walsh heads for ‘London’ onboard an express hauled by a BR Standard 7MT ‘Britannia’ Class 4-6-2 filmed somewhere on the Western Region, yet he gets off a formation of 2 BIL EMU’s at Walton-on-Thames station! In another scene, the holidaying family are stopped at a level crossing on their way to Dover and although this is believed to have been filmed in Kent, the exact location of the level crossing is not known. The scene produces a nice view of an SR U Class 2-6-0 (possibly No.31809) piloting ex-SECR D Class 4-4-0 No.31574 in its last year of operation at the head of a holiday express. The final shoot-out scene is filmed in a small goods yard in Dover Docks and railway wagons are visible, most notably some 4-wheel ESSO oil tanks.

The first railway shot in the film is this ‘stock-shot’ of a Western Region express hauled by a ‘Britannia’ Class 4-6-2. It had appeared in Impulse two years earlier – and was used again in Stranger in Town a year later.
A train of Southern Railway 2 BIL electric stock pulls into Walton-on-Thames station
In this shot passengers alight. Note the ‘Waterloo’ destination board on the side of the vehicle nearest the camera.
This is the entrance to Walton-on-Thames station
In this more expansive view of the station frontage to Walton-on-Thames the bus pulling away is operated by Smiths of Reading. It was clearly hired for filming, with the Dudley depot destination board added as an additional prop.
Waiting at the level crossing and a double-headed holiday express passes. Lovely. This is the lead locomotive, a Maunsell U Class 2-6-0, possibly No.31809.
Whilst this is the train loco, Wainwright D Class 4-4-0 No.31574 in its final year of operation. The film was released in April 1956 and the loco was withdrawn in the October.
The train has passed, and the gates are reopened to road traffic
ESSO oil tanks stand in a siding at Dover Docks. The small open mineral wagon in the foreground could be a barrier wagon.
In this final view, a policeman lurks behind the oil tanks