1hr 30mins
Dir: Jill Craigie
Starring: Emrys Jones and Gwyneth Vaughn

In a small South Wales coal mining town, a young coal miner competes with an Englishman for the love of a beautiful Welsh girl

This drama features some good rare shots of Abergwynfi station, terminus of the line from Bridgend via Maesteg. A branch train is present at the South Wales station hauled by GWR 5700-series 0-6-0PT No.7798. There is also a scene outside London Paddington station. A ‘blue scar’ incidentally was a cut that became infected with coal dust whilst healing turning the scar blue as a result. All miners at some point in their career gained a ‘bluey’.

This is Abergwynfi, a rare shot of a branch terminus that closed to all traffic in June 1960.
The view from the platform at Abergwynfi. The hill immediately beyond the station is a good indication that this really was the end of the line.