Image result for Blue Ice 1992

1hr 40mins
Dir: Russell Mulcahy
Starring: Michael Caine and Sean Young

A former secret agent in London becomes embroiled in murder and arms smuggling

Part of this crime thriller is centred on The Globe Pub in Bedale Street, Southwark, and a number of night shots feature passing 4 EPB EMUs. The scenes culminate in an exciting sequence in which Michael Caine chases a murderer onto a railway line and narrowly avoids being hit by a train. The train is formed of a Class 205 DEMU, not a common unit for the area. However, if we assume that the scene was filmed in the same area around Southwark then the third rail ‘juice’ would have been off for safety reasons thus necessitating the use of a diesel unit.

An EPB passes behind The Globe, a familiar location also seen in the Bridget Jones trilogy
After jumping off the roof in pursuit of his quarry, Michael Caine (or more than likely a stunt double) lands slap bang in the middle of the four foot…….
……and turns around just in time to see a train bearing down on him. The blue electric arc flashing was added specially for the scene as the train is a Class 205 diesel unit. Most interesting of all is the 22 headcode, an authentic DEMU headcode for a Charing Cross – Hastings service running via Orpington and Battle.