Dir: Cecil Musk
Starring: Peter Butterworth and Michael Crawford

Two boys compete to play the cornet in a local brass band

Despite the title of this Children’s Film Foundation production, the brass in the film are cornets. Although released in 1958, the title card above tells us that a ‘revised version’ was released in 1973. The film features some early scenes at the fictional Brickside Colliery, which was really Arley Colliery in Warwickshire, closed in March 1968. A number of open mineral wagons are present in the background of a couple of shots, but no locomotives feature.

Martyn Shields waits by the colliery gates. Arley Colliery as seen from the end of Frederick Road in New Arley. A number of open mineral wagons can be seen beyond the gate.
Several more wagons are visible in this second view of the colliery yard. I would be very interested to now the meaning behind the wagon with the white cross.. My guess is that it signified an internal user vehicle, but I am happy to be corrected on this.