1hr 37mins
Dir: Elliott Lester
Starring: Jason Statham and Paddy Considine

A violent and somewhat unorthodox cop is dispatched to hunt down a serial killer who is targeting police officers

This violent action thriller has a most notable railway scene that takes place at Stewarts Lane Depot in Battersea, with the yard outside full of withdrawn, ex-Southeastern Class 508 EMU’s. However, other stock is present. Some of the VSOE Pullmans can be seen inside one of the sheds, whilst outside with the Class 508’s is one of the former Eurostar Class 73 electro-diesels, probably 73130. Southern Class 377 and 455 EMU’s are passing on the background viaducts and these all add to what is an exhilirating sequence of events, despite the depot being described in the film as the ‘railway depot just north of Paddington’! There is an additional shot of Royal Oak Underground station as seen from the former London Taxi Social Club, plus an early aerial view of the Thames at Vauxhall, with the lines from Waterloo just about visible.

This slightly cropped aerial image of the Thames shows Vauxhall Bridge in the foreground with Lambeth Bridge behind. The tracks curving through the right of the image are the South Western lines into and out of Waterloo, with Vauxhall station just about visible.
This is a view of the former LTDA Social Club at Royal Oak. Lord Hills Bridge is in the background with the building and platform canopy of Royal Oak Underground station also prominent.
A Class 377 ‘Electrostar’ crosses Queenstown Road, Battersea
A view through the fence of the main carriage servicing and inspection shed at Stewarts Lane Depot. Lurking inside is some VSOE Pullman stock.
The chase continues into the shed itself. Visible on the left is the back end of Pullman Mark 1 BG No.99545 (aka ‘Baggage Car No.11’). Crossing on the bridge behind is a Class 455 EMU running on the up Atlantic line.
Not the clearest of images, perhaps, but no fewer than four Class 508 EMU’s are visible behind Jason Statham in this shot
Jason Statham stands between a Class 508 and an unidentified piece of stock sheeted over with a tarpaulin
Jason Statham now has a match wagon and another Class 508 EMU for company
In this aerial view of Stewarts Lane depot a whole myriad of stock is visible, all largely unidenifiable as most of it appears to be covered in protective sheeting
Aidan Gillen stands next to a Class 73. This is one of two former ED’s used by Eurostar, 73118 or 73130. Probably the latter.
This final view shows Jason Statham and other police officers standing in front of 508205, with another 508 behind