Image result for Biggles 1986 movie

1hr 32mins
Dir: John Hough
Starring: Alex Hyde-White and Neil Dickson

An American executive is transported back to World War One to help a Royal Flying Corps airman

This sci-fi adventure may have had a poor reception, but it has some brilliant stunts involving a Bell 206B JetRanger helicopter. One such stunt sees Biggles land the helicopter on a flat wagon of a moving train and then take off again. This was filmed on the Nene Valley Railway and was apparently the first time such a stunt had been attempted. The train was hauled by French DeGlehn Nord ‘Compound’ 4-6-0 No.3.628, a loco suitable to a story set largely in World War One as it had been built in 1907. The locomotive is officially a du Bousquet Nord Class 3.513 4-6-0 which has since been repatriated back to France.

In an enthralling sequence, Biggles heads straight for the oncoming train in his JetRanger helicopter, modified with side pods for the movie
Biggles is immediately followed by his adversary von Stalhein, flying a 1930’s Boeing Stearman
And history is made. Biggles has landed his helicopter on the moving train, the first time that such a stunt had ever been carried out.