Image result for Bhaji on the Beach

1hr 41mins
Dir: Gurinder Chadha
Starring: Kim Vithana and Jimmi Harkishin

A group of Indian women have a day out in Blackpool with various results

This popular comedy is mostly set in Blackpool and there are a number of distant shots of trams, mainly Balloon and Coronation types. However, towards the end of the film there are some much better images of illuminated examples. There is also a very unexpected closeup shot of the 3-car North Pier tram. The 891mm gauge diesel tram was built by Harry Steer Engineering of Breaston in Derbyshire for the inauguration of services in 1991. This was the first entirely new pier tramway in the UK in over 80 years. The tram was withdrawn in 2004 and removed for scrap.

As the girls build a sandcastle on the beach a Balloon tram passes on the prom behind
Followed soon after by a Coronation tram
Viewed through the spokes of the Wagon Wheel what is either a Brush Railcoach or a Coronation tram trundles along the seafront
As Brush Balloon car No.708 passes in extreme closeup an altogether earlier mode of transport goes in the opposite direction
The unexpected glimpse of the North Pier diesel tram, only about 18 months old at the time of filming. Note that a ride on the tram cost just 25p!
Illuminated tram No.1, the Western locomotive and train
Illuminated tram No.2, the Paddle Steamer
Illuminated tram No.3, the Frigate HMS Blackpool
Illuminated tram No.4, the Rocket