1hr 30mins
Dir: Jack Cardiff
Starring: Van Johnson and Rosalie Crutchley

An American in London turns detective to clear his wrongly convicted father

This mystery film is pretty standard fare on a common theme and is based on the 1950 A J Cronin novel of the same name. It features a night scene at an unknown level crossing whereby Van Johnson is nearly rundown by a train, the exact identity of which is unclear. The film was largely set in Liverpool but there is nothing to suggest that the level crossing was located there also.

Van Johnson is on the level crossing and about to run in front of a train in order to evade capture.
In what looks to be a wet night, this is the other side of the crossing. Unfortunately, the sign above the wall is unreadable.
The police run across after the train has passed but Van Johnson has gone. Looking back the other way we can see that the level crossing has a small gate box.