Image result for Bell Bottom George 1943

1hr 37mins
Dir: Marcel Varnel
Starring: George Formby and Anne Firth

A bumbling sailor catches a ring of spies

The climax to this comedy film involves a car chase in and around Fleetwood and a couple of 1930s Blackpool single-deck trams can be made out. Some wagons and LMS coaches are visible in the background of the earlier dockside scenes including what suspiciously looks like the silhouette of a steam locomotive. The filming of George onboard a train is a studio mock up. The film’s title is often styled Bell-Bottom George.

This is the quayside at Wyre Dock, Fleetwood. There is a semaphore signal to the right but is that the shape of a steam locomotive above the boat?
This is the corner of Bold Street and North Albert Street in Fleetwood. The tram is a ‘Pantograph Car’, one of 10 built in 1928 by English Electric at Preston.