1hr 47mins
Dir: Jasmin Dizdar
Starring: Siobhan Redmond and Roger Sloman

Various examples of ethnic intolerance come to a head in London

This satirical comedy features an odd scene that was filmed in sidings adjacent to the East Coast main line and Class 313 and Class 365 EMU’s pass by in the background. It is believed to have been shot in the Hornsey / Alexandra Palace area. There is also a very brief glimpse of a Class 312 EMU passing over viaduct arches and a scene at a house where The Railway Children is being watched on TV!

Gilbert Martin has had a nervous breakdown and gone to sleep on the tracks holding a false leg. I said it was odd. A Class 313 EMU is in the background.
Woken from his slumbers by a rail worker (played by Kenan Hudaverdi), Gilbert Martin is removed to a safe place. This picture has been included because it shows a railway station through the bridge arch. Obscured by the 313 in the previous shot I believe this to be Alexandra Palace.
In a shot that is a little more straightforward, this is the brief glimpse of a Class 312 EMU passing over a viaduct